Magnevane’s mission is to ENABLE, PROMOTE, SUPPORT and ASSIST the development of pneumatic applications with its technology.

Air Motors MVE series

The MVE series of pneumatic motors from MAGNEVANE offers five power ranges from 1.4 hp to 25 hp. They are the first in the market to present a consumption below 30 CFM per hp. The MVE series hits the market in three variants, Standard, ATEX and Hygienic, to meet the specific needs of different applications and industry sectors.



M15 Swordfish Pneumatic Chainsaw

The M15 Swordfish pneumatic chainsaw presents itself as the best in its class, breaking all efficiency records. Its Magnevane technology motor allows it to perform well at 3 bar, thus contributing to a more rational use of compressed air networks in deep mines.



Magnevane Pneumatic Submersible Pump Concept

Magnevane is currently developing a submersible pump concept, using its magnetic technology in pneumatic motorization. Preliminary tests point to a revolutionary efficiency compared to the state of the art. .
Product concept to be launch by March 2021.



Magnevane Rotary Vane Compressor

Magnevane technology is applicable to any rotary vane device. Preliminary studies show a significant increase in compression’s efficiency taking advantage of the basic principles of our technology. Magnevane intends to take its technology to the air compression stage, creating a real disruption in the pneumatic sector. .
This development is a partnership with the University of Minho www.uminho.pt



Air Starter Concept

Some of the characteristics of Magnevane's patented technology perfectly fit the fundamental requirements of an Air Starter. The high starting torque and perfect starts provide an unprecedented level of reliability in these devices. Magnevane's R&D is developing preliminary studies of an Air Motor concept that should have its first prototyping in the second half of 2021