Magnevane's family is growing. We are excited to announce that Gareth Rees has joined us as CEO for Africa to drive the commercialization of Magnevane and our first products. Gareth is a seasoned executive who has operated across multiple industries and sectors, but specialises in commercialisation of new IP. He met Magnevane while in the initial commercialisation phase in 2016, where he headed up the Deloitte Rapid Commercialisation Unit as well as the digital transformation practice for Deloitte Africa. Gareth has occupied senior roles in leading technology start-ups in South Africa, and resigned as an executive at MTN group in September 2020 to take up the reigns at Magnevane South Africa Gareth has a BSc and an MBA from Wits university and Wits Business School respectively. Gareth is also joining Magnevane's Global Board as the head of Business Development, joining the existing team of Stephen Nicholson (CRDO), Antonio Brandao (CMO) and Ian Stern (COO). The Board is led by Jiva Remtula as CEO and Karim Premji as Chairman. In the next 12 months Magnevane will be launching more products and will be stretching its commercial reach globally. Magnevane is now entering a new phase with a motivated and enthusiastic executive team to drive the deployment of its revolutionary technoloyy.