This innovative product for the deep mining sector brings a set of differentiating characteristics starting on the air motor. The motor is based on the MVE3 model of the Magnevane range, and in this version, it delivers around 6.3 hp, allowing by far the fastest cutting speed on the market. But what impresses most about this model is its low-pressure efficiency: the M15 Swordfish chainsaw is capable of cutting at 2.5 bar with acceptable performance. This fact becomes even more relevant considering the efforts of the global mining industry to lower the pressure of the compressed air distribution networks. The production of compressed air is one of the biggest cost factors in this industry, and most of the losses occur in the reticulation phase, so the path to savings is to lower the operational pressure of the networks. For this, it will be necessary for the equipment to become increasingly compatible with low pressures without sacrificing productivity. Magnevane technology introduces an efficiency never before seen in pneumatic equipment and is at the forefront of this trend of equipment capable of operating at the lowest pressure. Other mechanical characteristics were also introduced in the R&D process, namely a Quick Release system that allows the removal of the arm assembly (blade, chain and guard) in less than a minute without using mechanical tools. This revolutionary functionality allows for quick set-up at the operating site, avoiding long equipment downtime. This equipment will begin to be distributed in South Africa in the third quarter of 2020.