Water Supply, Treatment & Disposal


Unlike electric motors, air motors can operate in wet or even submerged environments with minimal modifications, making them ideal for driving pumps and actuating valves.

Magnevane’s technology takes the reliability of rotary vane air motors to another level.
The simplicity of its design gives Magnevane powered motors extra reliability in even the harshest environments, such as water supply and treatment.
Magnevane technology has replaced the mechanical components required to control the vanes with magnets. This has generated a step up in reliability leading to reduced down-time and decreased servicing costs. This has had a proven to have a positive impact on maintenance costs and overall cost of ownership.
Pump drives require motors capable of continuously delivering high torque. Magnevane powered motors deliver substantially higher torque than traditional pneumatic motors operating with the same inputs.
Valve actuation in water supply and treatment requires robust start-stop performance. Magnevane technology ensures that the vanes are continuously held in the correct position regardless of the motor’s operational status, thereby virtually guaranteeing successful starts and stops.
Magnevane technology delivers the same benefits to the pharmaceutical sector as it does to other sectors: including a reduction of 30% - 50% in compressed air consumption.