Air motors are heavily utilised in clean room environments for hygiene, zero combustion and fast operating speeds. Custom built 316L stainless-steel air motors are suitable for high humidity and wet environments and are resistant to many chemicals. In addition, conveyor systems in the pharmaceutical sector are typically driven by pneumatic motors.

Magnevane technology delivers the same benefits to the pharmaceutical sector as it does to other sectors: including a reduction of 30% - 50% in compressed air consumption.
Magnevane has developed non-lubricated motors for specific sectors such as pharmaceutical, where the use of lubricating oils risks contaminating the product. These non-lubricated motors use patented composite material vanes.
Magnevane’s unique technology can accommodate high speed operations with constant stop and start without mechanical fatigue.
Magnevane powered motors are much smaller and lighter than equivalent traditional units. This creates more flexibility in pharmaceutical process automated lines, where the size and weight of existing units are significant constraints.