Oil & Gas


Air motors are permanently cooled by compressed air, which means they do not overheat, even at high speed. Moreover, these motors do not burn-out and cannot generate sparks, unlike electric or combustion driven motors. In some extreme applications electric and combustion motors are prohibited or very expensive, and air motors are the only feasible choice.

Magnevane technology significantly improves the efficiency and performance of air motors, and therefore can have a large impact on the oil and gas sector that uses pneumatics extensively. The restrictions or complexities of using electric, hydraulic and combustion engines in many O&G applications means air motors play a critical role in this niche market. Pneumatic motors are very inefficient however and have a high total cost of ownership, but Magnevane significantly reduces these costs to make the technology far more competitive. Magnevane powered motors consume 30% - 50% less compressed air than traditional air motors, helping to correct this energy inefficiency.
Magnevane has developed non-lubricated engines for specific sectors such as oil and gas, where the use of lubricating oils could endanger the operation of certain applications. These non-lubricated motors use vanes made from patented composite material.
Many of the operating environments in this sector are subject to significant temperature variations. The springs used in conventional air motors to position the vanes are more susceptible to fatigue, degradation and failure when operating in such environments. Magnevane’s technology is unaffected by variations in environmental temperature.
As traditional vanes wear down air motors’ performance also reduces. Magnevane technology eliminates this performance reduction so that air motors fitted with Magnevane technology are always operating at full power, regardless of vane wear. Thus, Magnevane enabled motors also deliver stable and predictable performance.
As a technical note, the magnetic force applied by this technology is not generated by electromagnetism, and therefore does not radiate any kind of energy. Magnevane’s technology is based on permanent magnets and therefore does not pose any spark risk whatsoever.