Food & Beverage


Pneumatic motors are used in the food and beverage industry, both in the processing and automated packaging lines.
Compared to electric motors, pneumatic motors are cost effective, easy to clean, resistant to water and the effects of detergents and do not emit toxic or hazardous exhaust which can compromise the quality of the food and beverages being processed and packaged.

Magnevane has developed non-lubricated motors for specific sectors, such as food and beverage, where the use of lubricating oils could contaminate the product. These non-lubricated air motors use patented composite material vanes.
Magnevane technology delivers the same benefits to the pharmaceutical sector as it does to other sectors: including a reduction of 30% - 50% in compressed air consumption.
Magnevane has designed motors specifically for food and beverage applications, where the bearings and other moving mechanical parts use special food grade grease.
Furthermore, as Magnevane powered motors are not susceptible to vibration, they always maintain the vanes in the correct position, which reduces mechanical stress on the motors.
Magnevane technology improved stop-go performance improves reliability for high pseed packaging printing.
Magnevane technology can be used in high or low rpm configurations.