What is Magnevane?

Magnevane is a patented technology that revolutionizes rotary vane compressors and motors. Magnevane uses less electricity for the same amount of compressed air and less compressed air for the same motor output while being plug and play into existing pneumatic networks.


It is estimated that 15% of global electricity is used to compress air. Magnevane technology will reduce that by at least 30%. That is equivalent to about 15% of the electricity generated from coal.


Magnevane is already deployed in compressed air systems. Now we want everyone to share in and benefit from this revolutionary technology.

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Karim is an entrepreneur with investments in Canada, South Africa and Mozambique in sectors such as Industry, Real Estate, Health, ICT, Education and Agriculture Karim has a Masters in Business Administration from Brunel University (Canada)

Karim Premji
Chairman & investor

Jiva is a well established entrepreneur with a history of executive positions as CEO and CIO. In his career he has invested/lead projects in Infrastructure, Energy, Banking, Construction, Property Development and Hospitality sectors, across 7 countries.

Jivá Remtula
Global CEO & Investor

Stephen started his career in pneumatics , instrumentation and automation in 1995. Stephen is the architect behind the Magnevane IP and a co-founder of the company. Today he leads the team for Magnevane as the CRDO and works in collaboration with OEMs, universities and partners across Africa and Europe.

Stephen Nicholson
Global CRDO

Ian is a former emerging markets banker
After retiring from banking in 2013, Ian ‘swapped sides’ and was appointed
financial advisor to Hidroeléctrica de
Cahora Bassa in Mozambique and has
been advising Magnevane since mid-2019.

Ian Stern
Chief Operations Officer

Gareth is a seasoned executive that has operated across multiple industries and sectors, but specialises in commercialisation of new IP.

Gareth Rees
Southern Africa CEO

António is an industrial executive with 25 years' experience in various sectors, such as steel construction, galvanizing, CNC machine manufacturing and road safety systems.

Antonio Brandão
Portugal CEO